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EMDR Consultation

EMDR Cosultation

Are you an EMDR trained therapist looking to enhance your practice?

Meghann Crane-Russ, an EMDR Certified Therapist and EMDRIA Consultant-In-Training offers individual and group consultation services to help you integrate EMDR therapy into your practice with confidence.

Meghann's consultation services are for therapists working towards EMDR Certification*

or looking to enhance their skills in with:

Medical & Perinatal Trauma

Traumatic Grief

Perinatal Loss and Child Loss

Medically Complex Parenting

Case Conceptualization

Ego States/Parts Work

Early Intervention Protocols

Ongoing Traumatic Stress

Meghann is affiliated with the Touchstone Institute and under the mentorship of Mara Tesler-Stein, PhD.

*Unable to offer consultation hours towards basic training requirements at this time.

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Individual Consultation

$60 per 1 hour of

Individual Consultation

Group Consultation

$35 per 1 Hour of

Group Consultation

Visit: to book consultation with Meghann

Clinical Consultation

Chronic Illness, Medically Complex Parenting, & Medical Trauma

Are you a therapist looking to enhance your skills in working with clients dealing with chronic illness and medical trauma? Meghann Crane-Russ, LCSW, PMH-C, an EMDR Certified Therapist and Consulting-In-Training,

offers consultation services to help you provide effective support to clients facing these challenges.


With eight years of experience as a medical social worker in the Sacramento region, including at

Sutter Medical Center, Sacramento, UC Davis Medical Center, and Yolo Hospice, Meghann

brings a deep understanding of the complexities of chronic illness and medical trauma and how to support clients navigating both.

Meghann's passion lies in helping individuals at the intersection of physical and mental health. If you're seeking to improve your skills in this area, Meghann can provide valuable insights and support to enhance your practice. If you are a therapist or trainee looking to deepen your capacity to support clients with chronic illness, medically complex parenting, medical trauma, bereaved parents, perinatal loss, and traumatic grief, you've come to the right place.

Reach out today to start your consultation journey.

Clinical Consultaion

Consultation offered to therapists to

better support clients clinically with:

Adjustment to illness

Anticipatory grief

Caregiving stressors

Discerning healthcare goals

Navigating end of life

Practical and resource consultation offered

to therapists to better support clients with:

Navigating healthcare systems

Navigating insurance systems

Patient self-advocacy coaching

Community based medical resources

Advanced Care Planning


Clinical Consultation:$150 per hour

Visit: to book consultation with Meghann

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